MYLF Melissa Lynn Seducing Shy College Guy


Jimmy is on his way off to college. While he is getting prepared, his mom wanted to talk to him about sex. However, she doesn’t feel comfortable with that subject. The family friend, Melissa Lynn, is more than happy to discuss this with him. Melissa is incredibly sexy, and Jimmy has always been able to get a boner thinking about her. She is a hot cougar, and has an amazing body. Jimmy’s mom is out, but has Melissa come over to talk sex with him. However, this is going to become a hands-on discussion for sure. Check out the hot scene MYLF Melissa Lynn Seducing Shy College Guy available now at MILF World, home of hot MILF Porn.

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Melissa Lynn comes over & Jimmy is a bit surprised to see her. He has no idea that this sex talk is happening today. However, he loves to see Melissa. She is wearing a killer red dress, with her hot tattoos, and breasts spilling out. Melissa knows that she is coming to have this talk, and after a secret talk with his mom, Melissa is going to bring it on. This sexy cougar knows that she has the house to herself with Jimmy for the weekend, so the fun is on. When Melissa Lynn comes in, she immediately sits down on the couch & begins talking about Jimmy’s sexual experiences.

This talk turns into Melissa unleashing her horny desires for Jimmy. She knows that he is 18 now and is ready to truly learn what its like to be with a real woman. He is single & ready to mingle. The first part of the lesson is Jimmy making sure he can get Melissa’s bra off very quickly. After that session, she begins to whip out his huge cock, noticing that this young college man is at attention. After some oral taking place, the hardcore action really begins, with Melissa letting Jimmy pound the daylights out of her. When this session is over, Jimmy is not going to have any problems getting hot college girls.

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Date: January 30, 2021
Actors: Melissa Lynn